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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing the POW card again, and again.. and again (Ad Nauseum)

It's bordering pathetic folks. McCain's camp is playing the POW card like that entitles - key word, bearing repeating - ENTITLES him to be President of the United States, even going on Leno to break a punch line ad solicit an 'awww' from the audience. And now the SC Republican Party has a new ad that says just that, with flashed images of a prison camp.

What the SC Republicans don't tell you is that the same torture McCain suffered is the same crippling, debilitating torture McCain is all to happy to use against not just the enemy (as if torture weren't bad enough), but suspected enemies. Why does that phrase, Innocent until proven guilty come to mind...

Next thing you know the SC Republican party will be targeting his race, oh wait they've already played that card too... and against McCain, eight years ago as well!

When it comes to McCain's campaign folks, perhaps his friend John Kerry said it best

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