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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just call Cayce the new West, err, little Hollywood

Frink Street, between State and 12th, in Cayce... it's not known for much except for a couple of corner stores, some honkey tonks, and a lesbian lounge, but now it's home to SC's newest (and the midlands only) Movie Studio - quick somebody hit me so I can see some stars!!

This is great news for South Carolina, economically when it comes to promoting movies, and culturally - because now we can foster local talent with both money and equipment.
According to SCBiz magazine:

Genesis Studios’ 15,000-square-foot facility includes two production stages, a live switch master control room, make-up rooms, editing and post-production suites, as well as production office space. The company also rents production equipment.Other features are designed to inspire the creativity of Genesis staff and other professionals who will use the facility -- including a theater with stadium seating and digital surround sound, a movie marquee and concession stand. “Though we are very serious about our quality of work here, we want our clients and partners to have fun, too,” Springs said.

And the best part about it, the studio doesn't have to worry about meddlesome politicians dictating their own morals onto films done in the studio.

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