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Monday, March 03, 2008

Gyllenhaal, Biel coming to Columbia South Carolina

The news desk at The State released that Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel are coming to Columbia to film a movie that was written by Al Gore's daughter. The movie is to be called 'Nailed' and according to the Hollywood reporter which is a bit more descriptive than The State's release, Ms Biel suffers and accident that essentially makes her a nympho and heads to Washington where Mr. Gyllenhaal is an "immoral" Congressman (but not Larry Craig style) and they meet up and then the title of the movie comes into play.

Congratulations South Carolina!!! Ironic that we should be the state to produce such a film, but way to go! I suppose it should be noted that filming will happen at the Capitol Complex, so I'll be able to see it when on the way to and from work, how exciting -- Young people from all across the state can begin swooning now, I already have!

Want to be in the movie? Send your resume here: nailedproduction@gmail.com

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