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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pat Buchanan: Spewing Republican Talking Points

Pat Buchanan is trying to push the McCain talking points and saying that her speech was a failure and trying to push the meme that a sizable portion of her followers out of fanatic love will not do as she said for them to do earlier tonight - which she said in not doing would be an insult to her and everything she stands for. It's amazing to what extent Republicans will try and run the narrative to say that democrats are still divided. The response is they're not divided. After Ted's speech and now Hillary's and PUMA groups left out there may have a few wayward democratic souls within their ranks, but will show their true natures as Republican shill groups. I've always thought this struggle that the media hyped was just that - hype. According SC's blogging delegate Tim Kelly, despite all the protests, with all the delegates that the actual number of PUMAs present were always minimal, but these groups were always around the news media crowding around the cameras. Sound familiar? It should, it's what terrorist groups in the middle east, who are comprised of 5 people and a cat do to say that a majority of folk are anti-whatever... The fact remains if you were to pan back you'd see what a small group they are. Anywho, it's time for bed.

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