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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live Blogging from the Debate

Live Blogging on the CNN/Politico/LA Times Debate

9:47 - Last question: Would you consider an Obama/Clinton or a Clinton/Obama ticket? - Obama says he respects Clinton but says it's premature and presumptous to say yes to either now, but he's pushing for a VP and cabinet of confidence and restoration of trust in gov't - Hillary as HHS Secretary? Clinton is on everyone's short ticket...

Clinton says she agrees with Obama, doesn't respond but says that there will be a unified democratic party. Clinton plugs her Hallmark Chanel national town hall on the Hallmark Channel and her website.

He held the chair for her and shook her hand and hugged her.. how about that...

9:45 - can she control Bill? Hillary says she's running and it's her campaign - she wants the campaign to stay focused. She slyly admits to consulting with Bill - will consult 'broadly'

9:42 - The question about too much sex and violence on TV, in movies. For Obama - the kids know how to work the remote, the primary responsibility is on the parents. Obama believes parents should be empowered to control that for the parents. He believes that the industry should be a bit more responsible with advertisements etc etc.

9:38 commercial break - buzz word that needs to go in this democratic debate is "Conversation" change that word!!! it's not a conversation, it's a debate, conversation is so pase. Obama is looking good, if he's not beating Clinton he's countering that "motherlyness" that she so frequently uses in the debates (i.e. NH) we'll see after it's done.

9:37 - Obama cited the title of the legislation as a law for war, Obama calls out Clinton "It's important to be right on day one..." when he brought up her buzz phrase... good jab.

9:34 - Wolf asks if Hillary was naive in trusting President Bush, which gets boos. Hillary acuses HRC of not answering the question - which she successfully didn't answer, go Mr. Blitzer! She says she made a reason judgement saying Sadaam wouldn't want to be upstaged by Osama - whatever.

9:31 - Obama hit's on Hillary's "judgement" with the Iraq war vote. Clinton was asked if the vote was a mistake - she says she used due diligence in making the determination, but refuses to "take back that vote" but only says if she knew then what she knows now - she would have voted differently. She tries to say that she talked diplomacy and it was like talking to a brick wall- but she voted down the Levin ammendment...

9:22 - Wolf called Obama out on a "swipe" on Hillary - she pulled a cutsie and Obama pulled one back, he's learned from his New Hampshire mistake...

9:17 - The Iraq question: Would her stance on Iraq become an open-ended commitment? She says no, sounds like a no to me, although she's honing in on her "motherly" voice. Obama says we're pulling out, no bases, no nothing - contrasts himself with John McCain. He brings up our foreign policy with Latin America and brought up China. So far, references for John Edwards - Obama 2, Clinton 3 (meant to mention that earlier)

9:12 The dynasty question was brought up and HRC said it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and it'll take a Clinton to clean up after the 2nd Bush. Interestingly enough most people admit that the First Bush had enough popularity to get a second term but he didn't campaign aggressively enough to win... He did win the first Iraq war afterall and the country was still on that high.

9:05 They bring up the Kennedy Endorsement, Hillary harks to being the first Woman President, Barak talks about fundamental change and being judged on merit. "Every single election so far you've seen the number of people participating in the Democratic Primary double" - Sen. Barak Obama

9:03"Mitt Romney hasn’t gotten a very good return on his investment on this presidential campaign," he says. "My management style during the course of this last year and his – I think they compare very well."

Well they started off by talking about immigration, and Obama definitely upped Hillary on that, now it's 9:01 and we're asking the most important question in the entire democratic debate: for Hillary and Obama to define "experience."
Obama recalled his time on the Street as a community organizer then as a legislator in the Illinoise Senate followed by the US Senate. Hillary did a dance, and didn't really say what she did as First Lady that gives her the 'experience'

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1 comment:

George Vreeland Hill said...

I think Hillary will win California.
Obama will make it close, but Hill will also take Super Tuesday and be the Democrat's choice!
Here is one for you:
How about Obama as Hillary's VP?
I never would have asked that last week, but this California debate may have changed things.
We will see.

George Vreeland Hill