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Friday, February 01, 2008

Dream Ticket?

They point to FDR and Truman, JFK and LBJ, they even said - look at Kerry and Edwards in '04. But would a Clinton/Obama ticket really work?

It seems to dazzle many Democrats across the country, one friend called last night and said - "Can't we have them both as President." This of course after last night's debate in California aired on CNN. As soon as 2 minutes after the conclusion of the debate the pundits started parsing and analyzing saying the tone of the debate indicated such collegiality as to suggest this was a 'conversation' (key buzz word) between P and VP nominees as much as a debate. Granted sparks weren't flying as they were at the last debate, probably a cue more from the political advisors and handlers than from the candidates themselves. But could it work?

Speaking as someone who went through the mill in South Carolina, I don't think it should happen. Go ahead Clintonistas and "Can't we all just get along" folks decry me, but here me out. The way the Clinton campaign handled South Carolina - much like a red headed step child in campaign tactics is disturbing to say the least. So admittedly that "Dream ticket" is one hard pill to swallow. For me as an ardent Obama supporter in light of what happened here in SC and followed in Florida, if he were to agree to become her running mate (as things are looking to turn out if you concentrate on the next swing group, latinos) he would certainly become tainted.

I say tainted because - 1) Clinton (and her husband) has more than proved herself over the past 20 years to be a divisive figure who rally's the republicans. 2) She has more or less admitted that she can't control her husband and in last night's debate said she would use a broad number of advisors indicating that she'd be more than happy to use him, which to me indicates that he's going to be the 'mayor of the palace' 3) no matter how much the Clintons claim to have the Midas touch, and they do have the Midas touch, they also seem to leave in their wake a hollowness so it's not so much as a golden age of American politics and Economic clout as a Gilded one (remeber the 90's people?? Remember?). A stark contrast to the hallowing of Obama.

Those three reasons alone would be enough to sully Obama's character as an ideal and a movement and turn what was once a shinging example of the democratic values that this nation has and yearns to share once more into a hollow empty vessel of Clintonian filth.

So as much as it "sounds nice" to have a Clinton/Obama ticket - even an Obama/Clinton ticket - it would ultimately be ruinous to Obama and those of us he's brought into the political fold. The big question then is, would I vote for Clinton/Obama ticket - no, for the sake of Obama no, were it the other way around, I would definitely take pause before pulling the lever.

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