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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama Special 2 pc mix $1.99

Think the title of the post is offensive? Well in Aiken SC there is a sign at Bullsey Big Chicken that says just that, but according to the owner it wasn't supposed to be taken as it is taken, it was purely a slight. It's raised some eyebrows despite the owners declerations that he was in fact an Obama supporter in the primary. (That's a summary from the report I saw last night on the news) Here's the text from the WIS article online about the incident which doesn't expound on Mr. Pierson's comments and therefore doesn't represent what he says is his position on the matter.

"Bullseye Big Chicken owner Bruce Pierson says he didn't realize the sign might be racially charged until customers started ordering the Obama special... It all couldn't fit on one line, so Pierson put Obama on the second line of the sign along with the two-piece "mixed" dinner."

I'm more inclined to desire to believe that this was just a slight and not an intentional jab at either Sen. Obama or his being bi-racial, that being said, if it wasn't intentional it was an incredible coincidence

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