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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Edwards says 'no' to coal-fired power generation

Hat Tip to Dogwood for passing on this bit of information. I already knew that Edwards held this position. It was part of my thought process and something I agonized over (mentally) in choosing who I would support for Democratic Nominee. Mr. Obama supports coal, but he also supports expanding our nuclear power capabilities which is something I do agree with but which Mr. Edwards does not support. Where as I would see us with a healthy mix where the much of our energy comes from Nuclear power and the rest from other Green(er) Renewables, Mr. Edwards sees us with a majority Renewable. That sounds nice and is possible but not within the immediate future.

As we all know the problem with the current slate of Green Energies from Solar to Methane to Wind is that they don't produce enough energy to sustain our current infrastructure.

Of course one day when Congress and the President pass truly encompassing reform standards for energy consumption of appliances and states pass uniform building codes for building green, we can probably shift even more of our needs to renewable. But so long as our appliances are cheaply produced in China and our corporations are turning profits then that's not going to happen without bold leadership.

I'm unfortunately a bit pessimistic as to when this is going to happen, a pessimism I assure you brought on by the past 8 years of denial and betrayal by our current administration's lack of interest in investing in green initiatives because they'd "hurt our businesses." Poppy cock!

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