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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Endorsement

I've been wrangling and wrestling with who I would be voting for in the upcoming Democratic Primary (and subsequently in the General Election). I've been to various political rallies. I've even tailgated. As mentioned before I was stuck between Edwards and Obama. Some events, and additional soul searching have helped me determine that I'll be casting my vote for Barak Obama in the South Carolina Democratic Primary.

I know some will say but what about the McClurkin gaff, or the fact that is open to 'clean coal.' And I say that Mr. Obama is a man of inclusiveness, the fact that he lets move beyond those differences no matter how stark they may be and work together to repair ourselves, come together with and for one another, those wounds will heal, ideas will be born and will will move forward. His entire campaign has been about one America. And to quote Meet The Press:

"...he’s become a movement and an idea more than a candidate..."

And it's true. Mr. Obama represents more than politics as usual in this country. He transcends the diviseness of the past twenty years and has risen above the fray to stand out as what America truly is. So Mr. Obama, you can count on my support in South Carolina.

Msr. Mattheus Mei

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