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Monday, December 10, 2007

Political Tailgate '08

I know, I know, I should have written the post yesterday, but considering I came in and fell asleep at 6:30, and didn't wake up till 7:30 am... I think I can be excused.

Yesterday was the Obama-Winfrey Extravaganza at Williams Brice Stadium. I'm going to leave the more details of the rally to my dogwood, and check out J's pictures (they're awesome!).. or I may write something when I've fully regained my strength and composure. Right now, just the tailgating...

Me and a couple of political-junkie friends headed out at 9am to get a good spot and start tailgating. We had eggs, we had bacon, we had Mimosas, and lemon poppy-seed muffins. And what Liberal gathering would be complete without NPR. We set up camp and started cooking. I popped open a delicious Sam Adams Octoberfest, sat back read The State and NY Times, and listened to Garrison Keeler, as DD and City Yogin cooked and chilaxed as well.

Mattheus Mei, it's not just a name, it's a lifestyle.

DD handled the bacon, and I cooked the eggs. I got the chance to show off my expertise as an omelet maker, but nearly ruined a perfect scramble when an enemy showed up. I nearly flipped my switch and set the table on fire when I saw the 'free t-shirts' promoting how clean coal is. I took a swig of delicious beer and gave a notable rebel yell, as I decried the evils that this group of shameless marketeers was perpetrating. Dogwood who had slipped off, manage to get a couple of shirts from the people. I was aghast until he explained that the less they had to give out, meant the less people they could expose their untruth to.

Needless to say we're going to burn them in effigy in the style of that crazy guy in Pakistan and his 20 friends who through cinematographic magic make 20 people look like a giant protest.

Thats when City Yogin filled me in on the 'not just a name but lifestyle' bit which she coined at a Christmas party when someone asked her Who is this Mattheus Mei people are talking about. She knows how to stroke Mei Ego.

Next came a news crew...

DD was camera shy and City Yogin didn't think her hair looked right when a local news crew came over to ask just what the heck we were doing. One beer, and two mimosa's into the morning and I was ready to speak my mind. We told them we were aware that it wasn't a football Saturday, and explained why we were there tailgating. It was hilarious. Although we doubt they used the footage because swaggering eloquence high ratings doesn't make.

After this some more friends joined, we cooked burgers sat around and waited for the appropriate time to go in. We saw some local notables, especially related to the USC community, then headed in at around 2pm.

After the Rally, we all came back outside, pulled the burgers back out of the coolers. At some apples and cheese, and drank a nice bottle of Chardonnay. After the cars cleared the fair grounds we noticed one other group of tailgaters across the way. I told the group I was going to bridge the gap and go visit the other group. And did. And offered them gifts of baklava. They enjoyed it.

Is it any wonder then that I went home last night and fell asleep at 6:30?

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