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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Dream Ticket?

There's been much discussion as of late on the iconic dream ticket and who would be required to be on that ticket for it to work. CNN is reporting (from the Republican side) that GOP Dark Horse Mike Huckabee might not be the strongest candidate to face off against any of the top Dems in '08, and reminds the GOP that it behooves the Republicans to remember McCain, interestingly enough that's the reminder from this week's issue of The Economist. But Republicans aren't the only one being chided. The CNN post reminds Dems not to forget Mr. Edwards.

In an interview this morning with WCRE, despite being in attendance at the Obama-Winfrey Rally and finding myself enchanted and mesmerized by the golden tongued Senator from Illinois I found myself unable to commit 100% to his camp. Actually in a conversation with Queen Greene the other night, I found myself identifying more with the rhetoric and philosophy of Obama than who he supports, Mr. Edwards, but again failed to fully commit. There is the nagging question of is he ready for the full mantle? He's a freshman Senator who hasn't even completed his first term. He's got roots in the community. Conversely Mr. Edwards was a trial lawyer for years, became a one term Senator, then a Vice-Presidential nominee before becoming a power house figure on the grass roots community scene. Perhaps Mr. Obama would better serve as a VP candidate for Mr. Edwards?

Ms. Winfrey told those in attendance that the experience of office doesn't make a good President. This is true for both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Obama and contrary to what Mrs. Clinton is touting. But it's in the back of my mind is he ready? I understand the quote from Dr. King about the fierce urgency of now. But I can't help but wonder.

I know what my good friend and political-junkie would say, you can't put some one on the ticket who is going to outshine the Primary Candidate, or something to that affect. And he's right... I guess where I am now is this Thought. Of the Democratic Candidates for me.. the most viable and electable are Obama and Edwards. Edwards would surely not be VP nominee again, but it would be almost as much an ideological defeat if Obama were to be named VP. I wish we could mold them into one person. There's so much that each have to offer that make them such a dynamic duo. For some reason, as a person removed generationally, when I think of them together, the philosophies, it's akin to imagining what it was like to see JFK and RFK hashing it out on policies. Perhaps that's a bit of my own idealism.

I'm sure people on the right are wondering too. Wondering, what about a McCain/Huckabee ticket. I don't know though, I believe and hope that the year of the elephant has passed. It is my fervent belief and hope that we're entering into the age of the Donkey.

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