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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Former EPA chief says Nuclear /ˈnukliər/ power way to go

I've said on this blog before that the only way to move forward with the Green Revolution is to have a Green Reformation. Environmentalists may need to look to the viability of such things as Nuclear Power as part of the sustainable/renewable future because they do not emit greenhouse gasses.

The State is reporting that Christine Todd Whitman, former head of the EPA was at USC yesterday touting the promises of continuing the Nuclear Age as opposed to embracing Coal, although she did say that Coal was part of the mix (I choose to believe that is a reluctant and changeable paradigm).

“Nuclear is something we’ve got to continue to look at,’’ Whitman told about 35 people at USC’s business school. “Coal will always be part of our energy mix, but there’s no denying it emits greenhouse gases; it emits regulated pollutants, and that will undoubtedly continue.’’

Emphasis added. And why shouldn't South Carolina flex its nuclear muscle? After all, over 50% of the state's energy is produced by Nuclear Power plants which are operated by SCE&G the CoOps, and Duke. And we do know of the possible role that Nuclear Power will play in the production of Hydrogen and South Carolina, Columbia and USC especially are pushing for this state to become a leader in Hydrogen technology.

The Coal Corner argues this:

Laura Varn, a spokeswoman for Santee Cooper, said her company would rather build a new nuclear plant than a coal plant. But she said it isn’t possible to get federal approval for the nuclear plant in time to meet demand.

To that I say "Yeah right," possibly one of the few things this Administration got right is to attempt to revive the Nuclear Sector as part of our over all Energy Initiative. Granted they're concern is not the environment but what they consider to be a politically more important issue, fighting the war on terror, many terror groups being funded by Mid-East Oil. My brain hurts when I try to delineate a simple logical understanding of that proposition.

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