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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Value of A Dollar

What’s the Value of a Dollar? Well these days the dollar is taking a tumble on a scale we haven’t seen in quite some time. And the world is surely taking note. Whether its OPEC talking about changing the base currency, or Jay Z flashing Euros in a music video based on a song for American Gangster, or Gisele the world’s richest model demanding in contracts to be paid in the Euro, the “image” of the almighty dollar is hurting. Pundits and Prognosticators are already decrying the cultural blips in reference to the dollar as baseless, but it leaves the average American wondering. Are we going to be left holding the bucket?

Thoughts from the Average American*

I’m inclined to hope not. But I’m no fiscal analyst, nor a high paid economist for a Think Tank. So with the rest of my “average American” compatriots I will be forced to take a wait and see approach. I’ll be forced to continue as my President would have me to do and spend my hard earned money and the money I’ve yet to earn, even if those products or the debt I’ll incur will kill me or my loved ones because somehow spending money ultimately puts more money in my pockets. I’ll continue to invest my money in a banking system that is over inflated, over valuated and under regulated which has in its vaults moneybags not stuffed with the bullion or silver my sweat and blood deposits but with paper IOUs from the mortgage markets, credit markets, and all the other markets.

And why?

Because as an average American I can do nothing else. I have Mortgage/Rent payments, Car payments, Gas payments (Because I’m lucky enough to have a car), Utility payments, I’ve got Insurance payments (I’m lucky enough to have Insurance), Doctor/Hospital payments (because my Insurance that I’m so lucky to have doesn’t pay it), Bank Loan payments & Credit Card payments (How else am I to make up the difference?). I’ve even got Government payments to pay for services I believe in and wars I do not.

But I get only one payment for the hardwork I put in day in, day out and I can do nothing else. And what do I have to show for it, what savings account what refinement? Sure there’s that pension plan that I thought was guaranteed, and sure there’s that 401(k) That may or may not be worth the money I’ve put into it. Sure I’ve got a nice car in the drive that I’m upside down on, and a house big enough for the kids and wife that we’re two months behind on. Sure I’ve got dinner on the table and medicine in the cabinet that may or may not be what the packaging says and may or may not do what I believe it should. Sure my kids have their toys that may or may not be tainted. But the fact is I’ve got them right? I’m living the American Dream right?

*This is just conjecture and doesn't denote the reality of thought for all Americans but is only my perception, limited and biased as it may be.

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