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Monday, December 17, 2007

Crooners, Swooners, and Pentecostals - Oh My!

Photo from the State Website

As is always the case: if it's December, then the social calendar is bound to be filled. This weekend was no different.
It was a whirlwind of activity, and consequently I never got to post on such meaningful and important information that I otherwise would have gladly climbed a top the soap box to pontificate. My favourite items being the US reversal of opinion in Bali (which some stress wasn't so complete a conversion). The Ron Paul Blimp took off and President Bush proved to the world why he's a petty dictator-wanna be. I almost wish we would turn over ex-presidents to the war crimes tribunal, or at least that the next American President apologize for the actions of this boob. Oh well.
So instead of pontificating I was participating in celebrating the season by attending various Christmas parties. Friday night was interesting because it saw us attending two parties somewhat out of the normal element, the first by far more subdue than the 2nd. The first was hosted by an attorney friend of a friend and was quaint. The second was hosted in lower Richland by a boon karaoke companion. A friend went with me and he had only two words to describe the event for him.

Cognitive Dissonance

Although the event wasn't quite as shocking for me, I understand where he is coming from. It probably would be shocking if you grew up in a ultra-conservative AEP household with strict moral guidelines and old women with beehive hairdos and the accoutrements and trappings and decorative taste of what some might call early trailer park or perhaps late motel only to find yourself in a room packed with middle aged homosexual Pentecostals who are playing piano and singing old-time Gospel hymns. Who subscribe to the same strict moral code of your upbringing with one exception. Who are not afraid to talk about their Love for the Lord and how President Bush has been a great President except for a few mistakes. Who have prepared a spread of food that is worthy of a house full of beehive hairdos, and have the same decorative sense and style. So yes, I suppose that might be reason enough for someone to experience cognitive dissonance. It was nice though, I especially appreciated the Christmas Trees with White Feather boa garland and barbie-doll angels throughout, and the retired drag queens keeping everyone abreast of the latest gossip between singing hymns.
Saturday was packed with fun as well. First I attended a small Christmas dinner with some of the gang from my own Church family. Mother Hen hosted and the Rooster cut the ham. All the chickadees provided side dishes, I hastily attended last minute before heading out to Art Bar for Crooners and Swooners. A great time was had by all, lots of rat pack singing and Christmas themed music set to a jazz combo. One of the more interesting arrangements was By By Blackbird, I'd never heard the song which is generally slow and melodic put to a jazz combo, but apparently it's popular, and it sounded pretty good. Saw a lot of people out Saturday night that I know including some old co-workers from GBA. It was fun, fun enough that I bought a friend a gift in the face and ended the night at 6:30 AM. Am I getting to old for this stuff? (Yes)

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