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Friday, December 14, 2007

Protest at the Capitol

I was meandering my way to the boat to head home for lunch when I had to pass through a decent size group of people protesting around the state house this afternoon. They were marching rallying on behalf of The Three Hebrew Boys who's various enterprises are also known as the Capital Consortium Group.

The CCG is a faith-based organization which invests people's money. They're not financial planners nor licensed investors. The key is apparently in the fine print, because of various loop holes in contract law. Entering into a contract with these folks "Basically you are signing a contract with someone to take your money and use it to invest," is one definition given by a Professor Logan on a Yahoo discussion page who continues..."however, when you start asking alot of questions they usually give you vague answers. I saw the whole presentation and it looked pretty "micky mouse" to me. People need to make decisions based on common sense instead of emotion or the "lottery" mentality."

The Three Hebrew Boys are under investigation by Federal and State officials for securities fraud because despite the language of the contracts, essentially it is an investment scheme. According to the State: Investigators allege the trio collected an estimated $79 million from up to 8,000 investors in 23 states. The FBI alleges less than $20,000 was invested.

The people at the State House are those who invested in the company and who say they saw great returns. They also say that this is a travesty of justice and is being carried out because the men involved are Black and have done well for themselves. There were many ejaculations and Biblical exhortations. Even two Federalis looked on in disbelief. It should be noted that most of the people 'protesting' were also members of the Three Hebrew Boys' Church. Unfortunately this isn't a job for Sen. Grassley and his Grand Inquisition, but it is a stark example of taking the Prosperity Gospel to the limits of the absurd. According to WIS earlier in November they even had a press conference at their church, where one of the accused is Pastor. My opinion... Absurd. I'm still looking in the Gospel to where Jesus says you should be wealthy. In the Gospels he spoke more of the evils of money than even the evils of adultery and sexual misconduct.

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Here's a link to the local paper's coverage of the protest. I like the idea of marching seven times around the capitol building--I think they planned for it to fall in, but they must have forgotten to bring their trumpets. I just don't think these folks will be able to do what General Sherman couldn't.