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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Manchurian Candidate

I turned on the blogosphere this morning and what did I see, discussion in SC that Mitt Romney got busted on Meet The Press by our favourite pundit, Tim Russert.

As an interesting side note: we found that there's another person seeking a similar endorsement from Gun-toters and the NRA alike, one St. Gabriel Possenti (hattip AmP) for single-handedly turning back an army of terrorists with two pistols and protecting a small Italian village from being ransacked. I'd say that's a heck of a lot more impressive than 'varmint huntin' that Romney participated (twice) in. St. Gabriel Possenti stands a better chance of getting an NRA endorsement to become Patron Saint of Handgunners and Pistol-toters than Mitt does for President of the United States.

This man has waffled more than John Kerry ever did back in '04. Over at FitsNews they're saying that "the only real news value associated with him would be if something popped out of his mouth … and it accidentally ended up being true." That'll only happen if he's regularly maintained and his batteries changed.

I stand by my earlier position that Mitt Romney in reality is a robot in the very least or a Manchurian Candidate at most (even though he's never seen a battle front, probably not even on TV), and if he's chosen as the Republican Party's candidate the only person who stands a chance at defeating him is Sam Waterston...

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