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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Republican CNN/YouTube Debate

Well the CNN debate is turning out to be exactly what I thought it would be, a televised circus. And as previously stated YouTube is presenting itself in extremes. So far I've had a few favourites.

The first was when a young African American male standing with his father asked what the candidates said they'd do about black on black crime. Mr. Romney responded by first acknowledging that the young man had his father there with him. Well if that wasn't a political SNAFU, he followed it up a few seconds later with a remark about the importance of both a father and mother.

The second was when a young man said that all we need to know about the candidates is how they answered his question. The question was whether or not they believed completely the Bible, to be specific, the KJV. Rudy responded with a liberal protestant, somewhat Catholic understanding of the Bible and what Bible means. Mitt Romney avoided answering the question. And Huckabee gave a great social conservative answer. He said that there are simple truths that can not be contested, Love thy neighbor and what you do to the least you've done to me. Then he said there are more complex passages which should be taken allegorically.

There was a heated exchange between Romney, who's coming across as very vacant, and John McCain over water boarding.

And of course a highlight is the retired gay general who asked why "Don't ask, don't tell" and Romney waffled. Retired General Keith Kerr was there* and said he received no satisfactory response. Especially biting were the responses of Huckabee and Hunter. Sadly the general did get some hisses from the crowd, despite his 43 years of spectacular service, army war college graduate, special forces officer graduate, and general staff. Oh well.

And let's not forget Mars? Huckabee gave a great response because it what he said was true, our drive for the moon is what has brought us to the technological high point we're at now. Tancredo spouted off about

Who can forget the flag, not the stars and stripes but the stars and bars. Gov Romney decried it as divisive and racist. Thompson probably tee'd off his SC supporters because he said it doesn't belong in any place of public prominence.


So what did I think, well I'm definitely a democrat. But a couple of things. Rudy did a decent job, Huckabee did a decent job. Everyone so far has said that Romney probably came out on top after this debate. Romney looks like a robot, sounds like a robot, tonight he stared down the camera and sounded rather robotic. I'm suprised that Fred Thompson hasn't used his old protoge to attack Mitt Romney and his Robot-likeness. He did make that commercial a while back....

And what about Ron Paul? I listened carefully I think there were a number of Paultards there. Why isn't he running on the libertarian ticket???

Hmm more on all of this after I've had time to process it all.

*The General is a member of Hillary Clinton's gay steering committee, but it was a fair question and to suggest that he was a plant is rediculous unless there was some kind of litmus test to submit questions for the debate or to attend. Did people have to show their Republican Party ID cards?

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