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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paultards take to the Skies... in a BLIMP!

What will they think of next. Those cooky kids who run Ron Paul's campaign are flying a dirigible from North Carolina on December 10th to "arive" in Boston on the 16th, in time for the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and to raise a Eleventy Kabillion in Ron Paul bullion for the campaign.

Here's a preview of what the Boston arrival festivities will look like.....

ooops... wrong video... you can see the Ron Paul Blimp video below

is it any wonder they refer to the blimp as the "Mother Ship"?

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Dogwood Dell said...

Ok...The music was kinda scary. The theme song to the old tv show "The Greatest American Hero."

What are they trying to say?

To those unfamilar with the TV show, the protagonist was a bumbling hero that received his "superhero" outfit from aliens.

Hummm....Makes one think.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Who makes more sense -- Ron Paul or Mike Gravel? I kinda like the sideshow.