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Monday, December 29, 2008

Unlike this, Fogle's Fatwa ended as quickly and less spectacularly than sex with someone who has ED and no blue pill.

Damien Thompson the snark behind the spook at Holy Smoke, points out that one of the "mainstream" Muslim Advocacy Groups in the UK, who are the media go to people when it comes to Britains 'moderate' Muslims, are still after the identities (lives) of eight Sufi Muslims who assisted a think tank in their research of the amount of hate literature being distributed in Britain's Mosques. From their post "The Hunt for 8 Sufi Zio-Con Frauds":

MPAC now wants to find out exactly who these Sufis are, who are working for the Zio-Con think tank. There were 8 Sufis who worked for them, and all apparently have gone abroad to hide while the storm is raging. They worked, according to Policy Exchange for over a year on the project, so some Muslim out there must have come into contact with them.

Who are they, what are their backgrounds … MPACUK will dig deeper and expose every last detail of the Sufis who tried to destroy their own community.

If you know who they are – please write in and we will expose these men and women for all the Muslim community to see. Write in now and let us do what the incompetent idiots in the Mosque should be doing, protecting our community.

And while if you replaced the language for Muslims with language about the SC Blogosphere and SC 'Conservatism' and squinted really hard you might, just might, have read hints of Fogle, the fact is - his Fatwa, in longevity of interest and scale of vehemenence pales in comparison to these 'moderate' folks. Unlike this, Fogle's Fatwa ended as quickly and less spectacularly than sex with someone who has ED and no blue pill.

As if to underscore just how radical these 'moderates' are - just look at their home page. Everything that happens to Muslims are the 'Zionists' fault. (And if you feel like donating to the Muslim version of Human Events then click here)

And while I'm a liberal and by far not an ultra zionist or exceptionalist and believe that the two state solution is the only solution to the perpetual crisis of middle east politics, this is just too much and too disgusting. Are their are recriminations? Sure on both sides and we must admit that no one's hands are clean in this matter, but seriously?

The likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda are a boil on the face of Islam, and one that has festered for so long that political leadership in so called nations are neutered and can't offer any sort of option to the radicalization of Muslims. Some states capitalize and utilize this, Iran and Saudi Arabia, while other despotic regimes are wary of democratization (as are the Western Powers that prop them up) because of the ideologies that have spread like a plague of Biblical proportion amongst the people, states like Egypt, Pakistan, amongst others. At some point in time the population will slough off the radicals and it can only come either at the tip of the sword or the tip of the pen with the preference being the latter.

Saying such though will get you burnt in effigy and Fatwa's placed upon your life. The Pope insulted the Islamic world when the "gotcha liberal media," to quote OLW, took his words out of much needed context - it caused an up roar.

Spike has an interesting book review for an upcoming publication that posits that Liberalism has created their own multicultrialist monster in an Islam that has become a caricature of itself as a response to European multiculturalism - it's own Dutch Cartoon series. I can acknowledge as much. Liberalism's understanding of multiculturalism - especially in Europe - though never as entrenched in America - shifted, to overemphasize the ghetto as an appropriate way to foster multiculturalism. As the review states, Liberals' "abandonment of the politics of universalism in favour of ethnic particularism, the shift from the politics of ideology to the politics of identity" helps create within various groups a fractured since of identity that is often times in contention with each other. "Multiculturalism didn't create radical Islam, but it [does] create a space for it..." Perhaps, though, the most saddening assesment of Liberalism that the review offers is this,
Twenty years ago, most liberals defended Rushdie’s right to publish The Satanic Verses despite the offence it caused many Muslims. Today, many argue that whatever may appear to be right in principle, in practice one must appease religious and cultural sensibilities because such sensibilities are so deeply felt. The avoidance of ‘cultural pain’ is seen as more important than what is regarded as an abstract right to freedom of expression.

This as the reviewer states has created a culture of greivences, which is why Muslims - and other groups (including >>gasp<< conservatives!) And while the liberal "outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: [in that] instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment," (Betrand Russell) acknowledging ambiguity and the tenuousness of doctrines in our journey towards Truth doesn't mean one has to demure and simply roll over at the first sign of reproach.

This is how this voice of "moderate" Islam in Britain, the folks at MPAC, which probably exists in the physical world in the Muslim ghettos of London and South England, get to make such pronouncements and be taken seriously and as apparently they are by the media types like Channel 4 amongst others. This is how and why when Israel does defend itself generally the world is less than squeamish to support their efforts despite weighted justification, this is why Western Europe and especially Britain has a problem with matriculation (yeah they've probably forgotten that word), this is how in America the majorities of the right have learned (from the Muslim world and the old [now dead?] identity politics of the last 40 years) to take advantage of this built in liberal defect and frame pro gay rights movements as Christophobia, and frame abortion politics in context of America's original sin - slavery, both of which are arguements as absurd as Islamic conspiracy theorists finding ways of blaming everything on a Jew sitting in a room anywhere on the planet.

And while Fogle may not be pissed about this post, who knows how much I'll piss off the guy in Charlotte, Samir ibn Zafar Khan - our very own local Al Qaeda sympathiser and promoter, maybe I'll get a Fatwa like Rushdie, and those 8 Sufis.

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