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Monday, October 15, 2007


Wow, just read about a kid in my neighboring state, North Carolina, who is running a blog as a conduit for radical islamic multimedia - including sharing videos of graphic violence from Iraq (from the insurgent perspective) along with other jihadi literature that is translated into English to be disseminated among young American Muslims. The full text is at NY Times.

The author of the article 'outed' his identity by giving his name and stating that he lives in NC - the Jawa report takes it a step further: He 'outs' the jihadist further by intimating that they have his full name, photos, and address in Charlotte NC - because good ole Southerners have been tagging his internet activity and stalking him like the hunter after deer.

Apparently North Carolinians shy of surrounding him and insisting that he be carted off to prison have been using all of their resources to shut his various blogs down. It's not just North Carolinians of Christian Stripes - nor even North Carolinians, moderate Muslims who are tech savvy are trying as well.

Apparently though his site is now operational here (WARNING: THIS IS AN ISLAMIST WEBSITE).

Even if he is protected by the First Ammendmant, it still scares the hell out of me that he can get away with spewing such swill, although I will remind you all of what our friend Julian says at RKnows.com "Your religious freedom ends when my personal safety begins."

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