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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sitting on the porch

Well, this summer it's been way to hot to just sit out on the porch, who would have thought though that as September draws to an end that this would be only the second time I've taken the opportunity to sit out on the porch since I moved into this apartment late last Spring. It has just been too hot.

Doesn't look like much is going on in the neighborhood. No residents are out, the parking lot is just about full with a few empty spaces here and there. I find this suprising. Normally, because this is mainly a student-filled complex, the place is lively. Is it time for mid-terms already? I've been out of school now, officially, for two years - hmmm. Oh well.

Just got in from J's house tonight where we watched a movie Zero Degrees of Separation. It was interesting to say the least although the soundtrack was monolithic and the b-roll, although providing non narrated insight, was excessive. The movie was superficially about a "mixed" gay couple and lesbian couple in Israel, but it mainly focused on one efforts to diffuse the Israli-Palestinian Conflict. The "heroes" being the two Palestinian Sympathing partners, both Jewsish parties of the relationships, one gay and the other lesbian. There was some insight into the other partners personal history and how they dealt with dating "occupiers" (their agreed upon terminology not mine). Overall though it gives a perspective that you seldom find voiced in the Bible Belt home to Christian Zionism, one of the main proponents and most vocal being John Hagee and his organization - you can't miss him in the South - he's very popular, very famous. Just did a search for Christian Zionism on Google and the critics have a very similar website to the proponents, either click or pass your mouse over and see.

Oh yeah and speaking of gays and the middle-east, well we already knew this but we didn't know this.

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