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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pirate Attacks are up! (wacky claim and oversimplification of the day)

If you've been following Matt Drudge these past few days the high seas swarming with Pirates. Sensationalistic Yellow Journalism aside, Pirates are more and more brazen these days -- especially off the East African coast.

Something else struck me though, this October was actually rather cold. So cold in fact that certain corners of society who have been adamant in their doubts about climate change had something to actually base their opinions on. And while they criticise Dr. Hansen, who works for NASA, made assertions about this past October being the warmest on record, I offer a different scenario.

It's the pirates... back in June we talked about the cult of the Spaghetti Monster and their beliefs on the inverse relationship between pirate attacks and global temperatures.

Perhaps it's (not) Occam's Razor that lends (in)credulity of such an explanation, but it's a hell of a lot easier to make this assertion as opposed to the foolishness that human activity and the release of green house gasses has little or no effect on the environment and climate around us. But hey, maybe I'm just being snarky.

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