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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Newt Gingrich, the TAC and Easter 2009

I always find it interesting when well known public figures convert to Roman Catholicism. Today Taylor Marshall, of Culture 11 amongst other sites, reported that Newt Gingrich is swimming the Tiber next Easter (2009), - is he vying to assume the mantle of Pat Buchanan?
My only concern about the conversion story (can anyone esle verify it?) is that he's been married three time previously, which is a little beyond problematic unless he's never been baptised before.

In other conversion news - new info is surfacing about the Traditional Anglican Communion. Deacon Keith Fournier at catholic.org picks up a story from a blog run by an Anglican Priest that the bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion are meeting 'en masse' in Rome with the Pope this coming Easter (2009). They are the group seeking full corporate reunion with Rome (although how that full reunion would look is the biggest break back question). But this, like the Newt Gingrich story, is still in the early stages if there is any veracity to them at all. At least in the case of the author of De Cura Animarum he admits as much about the story though stands by the source(s) in hopes of further information.

I guess we'll know Easter 2009.

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Waldo said...

newt is the Rex Mottram of Republican converts.

Earl Capps said...

He'd be welcome to join us.