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Friday, November 23, 2007

Reunification and Realignment

I reported last week and earlier this week on the possible "Reunification" that may take place with the Orthodox and the Catholic Church's pending further dialog and discussions.

One reader had asked what about the Orthodox Anglicans, is there no dialog for them to reunite with Rome. I remembered reading an earlier article and document stating that the entire Traditional Church of Ireland had submitted a letter to Rome. In reality it was the entire 'communion' (outside the Anglican Communion who call themselves the Traditional Anglican Communion)

And of course it's not just this one particular group of traditionalists. Within the wider Anglican Communion, there is a hemorrhaging of persons (individual and corporate) leaving the more liberal caucuses for more conservative Primatures. (Ruth Gledhill has written many posts, the most recent, this one) But they're not just jumping from one side of the aisle to another, to use an American Idiom. Some are jumping ship entirely and with the TAC are swimming the Tiber for safer harbors within the RCC (Got to love the Metaphor). Notables include the Bp Jeffery Steenson and just yesterday Bp John Lipscomb. (Hat Tip to American Papist)

This should make for a very interesting Consistory in Rome.

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1 comment:

highchurchman said...

Dear Colleague,
"What about the Orthodox Anglicans?"

If these people were Orthodox, or Traditional Anglicans, they wouldn't look to Rome for support for their troubles. This isn't to denigrate Rome but to point out the basic differences between the two groups. Romanism holds to the Papacy for its authority,or magisterium, as the term is used today. While Anglicanism holds to the teachings of the Seven Ecumenical Councils and the Holy fathers of the 2nd and 3rd Cent. The problem with the TAC and other wannabees is that they are children of Vatican 2. It was said that the present pope when a Cardinal said of an approach by Anglo Catholics, "They are bad Anglicans and will be bad Catholics".
These people have had little or no idea of Authority, many of them played fast and loose with the Anglican Bishops. They have little or no confidence in the basics.
Whilst they have been in amongst the Continuing Churchmen, they have ducked and weaved without any regard for Catholic form or tradition. If they want to be Roman Catholics, shouldn't they go as individuals?