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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Christ Church Savannah, home of American Methodism realigns

According to livingchurch.org Christ Church of Savannah, GA, Anglican parish home of John Wesley during his tenure in America, is realigning itself with the African Primates (ultra conservatives) in the aftermath of the Episcopal Church debacle which was touched on in a previous post.

Ironically, here in Columbia, SC - Washington Street Methodist Church - stands poised to become a "reconciling parish," moving itself in the opposite direction of Christ Church Savannah. Washington Street has for a while been noted in Columbia, unofficially, as a place that welcomes the GLBT community to worship. And even now many of the lay leadership positions, and to that end many of the "decision making" leadership positions of the church are held by GLBT persons.

Washington Street was of course founded by a pastor who was himself ordained by John Wesley, John Harper, and the parish was the home of Francis Asbury one of the American Church's earliest leaders and himself a Bishop.

If Washington Street does become a reconciling parish, it would mean a lot to the individual community but of course to Methodism as a whole in SC. It is considered after all the "mother church" of the midlands for Carolina Methodism and even moreso would be the only South Carolina presence of a parish participating in Reconciling Ministries Network.

Very interesting indeed.

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