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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pirate attacks increase!

Sully points out that Pirate Attacks are up 75%! This is great news for those concerned with the Carbon Footprints as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (i.e. pastafarians) has concluded an inverse relationship between number of Pirates and Global Temperature.

Already the people over at CFSM are pointing to the nation of Somalia who has the lowest Carbon Footprint and highest number of Pirates.

In other news related to the Pastafarian Cult, Snead looks forward to the day of having an FSM license plate since South Carolina approved the "I Believe" plate for Christians - and even includes a video from NBC Nightly News on the "I Believe" tag with B-roll of St. Peter's Parish (my home Parish) and a roll call vote of the SC House, with Rep. Ted Vick from Cheraw's name being called out. Just watch!

To continue with the Spaghetti Monster - what an interesting bit of satire, just do a google search, and see all the news - like a statue to the monster that is outside of a courthouse in TN next to Jesus and the Statue of Liberty, and then look at this rendition of an ancient Chinese/Japanese text similar to the Kama Sutra with the FSM...

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