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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Music Crawl

Last night was the Free Times Music Crawl, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures either with a camera or my phone, oh well. It was lots of fun, I hung out with MeanStreak and we had a fabulous time - and the best part about it? The Vista was packed, for a brief moment you almost felt like you were in a large city environment. I don't know if more people were in the Vista last night than five points, but most folks didn't appear college age -- which begs the question, if they're not from out of town, where are these folks the rest of the year?

Any who, started the evening off at Wet Willy's, there's one in Charleston and Savannah also. This one opened only recently. If you're a fan of super sweet drinks, and super alcoholic (can you say ethanol?) then this place is for you. But we weren't necessarily there for the booze, although one was ENOUGH for me. We were there to watch the Friendly Confines. It was awesome! If you haven't heard them, listen to them - and their CD comes out next Saturday.

After that we headed down to the art bar for it's first weekend night of being smoke free (thank you city of Columbia) - it was packed. And the music was pretty good - both inside in the back room and out.

Columbia does know how to party...

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1 comment:

Earl Capps said...

Wet Willie's is great. They've had the Charleston location going back to the early 90s. A fun place to go.