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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fogle Fisked

Waldo fisks Adam Fogle over at L'Espere Coastal. He takes him to task line by line of his most recent anti-Linda Ketner screed and being purely homophobic. Money quote:

But who was trumpeting that Ketner's a lesbian? Adam Fogle. This is his post getting fisked. He's the one always adding, "And did I mention she's a lesbian?"

This is so disgustingly typical of conservatives in South Carolina (and elsewhere) But as Waldo in conversation pointed out - it's not just about disgust in voting for a nigger or a fag, it's also a part of many folks general world view - sadly.

Just look at the responses to the financial crisis. Harare Grocer and Daniel at Sunlit Uplands get percipitously close but don't go all the way because then it would automatically disqualify them from having any credibility (assuming they had any in the first place).

Racism and homophobia are persistent societal ills so long as people don't simply call it out and educate people on the values of being honest about their insecurities and fears - how can they over come them? But then again, some folks will refuse to admit parity to someone who's 'different'.

H/t to Snead for posting this Union Boss' speech on racism,

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Earl Capps said...

Hold on there ... I'm a conservative South Carolian Republican, and you're not seeing me say anything like that.

While Ketner's political orientation is a valid issue, her sexual orientation is not.

One who thinks it is should keep in mind that in 2000, the then-Solicitor Republican David Schwacke had come out as gay and sought re-election. Out of over 20,000 votes in the GOP primary, he only lost by a couple hundred, and won Charleston County.

Using that as a wedge issue isn't what I'd recommend.

Mattheus Mei said...

Earl, you're absolutely right, my generalization was way to broad - there are conservatives out there, yourself included who don't fit in such a mold as Fogle and the others do.

But let me throw it back at you
I'm going to tell you what Jake Knotts once told me - the only way you're going to change people's minds and dispell the broad categorizations is to do something about it.

Your correcting me is a first step, but only the first step.

And I agree with you - you don't have to assassinate someone's character, either explicity, or in the southern tradition implicitly, to prove a point... stick to the issues!

Earl Capps said...

I agree. One should never go out of their way to assassinate someone's character.

It's always more entertaining to watch them do it to themselves.

Mattheus Mei said...

ha! touche!