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Monday, October 20, 2008

I've never been a fan

And apparently not many others are either. The Commerce Chief gets called out by professional business Journalists, and not mere bloggers like myself. Now if I can only get a copy of the full report... anyone out there got a copy?

Previously we've noted how it's been said that Taylor nearly prevented a major motion picture from being filmed in Columbia because he didn't agree with the subject matter. His leadership has caused the department to atrophy and, whether it was the goal or not, has seen many of the duties of the Commerce department outsourced by a shadow agency which is in reality a private entity - Swampfox (which is doing pretty well to not have the clout and available resources of the government). Like any politician he has attempted to spin the numbers despite the facts catching up and South Carolina loosing more jobs in one month than "created" (however that's actually defined) in the first half of the year. If i were to guess, I'm sure the article by such an esteemed publication as the CRBR will prove not only what I have noted and speculated but additional information - and hopefully illustrating the economic disparity and tribalism that is pitting economic councils and development organizations, towns and counties with one another and also the state.

We'll only see once I get my hands on that article.

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