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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Liberalism = Un-Americanism

I think Rep. Michelle Bachman spoke in a moment of absolute clarity instead of in vague politi-speak when she said that liberal members of congress should be investigated for being Un-American and insinuated that if someone is liberal in general that they are Un-American.

I find it shocking that she would make such assertions. Already folks are crying out McCarthyism, which yes such remarks do suggest. But there's something even more frightening than the cloak and daggers of the McCarthy era (a blemish on American History).

Even more so than resurrecting Joe McCarthy, such remarks suggest a shift beyond an era of neo-McCarthyism, instead, to an American version of Francoist Spain. After all America, much like pre-civil war Spain is considered a center-right nation. And while I don't foresee America falling into a civil war examining our own current situation by way of Spain's history is not only applicable, but appropriate.

Franco was not a fascist as Hitler or Mussolini was a fascist but seen as a protector of 'traditional' Spanish values. Key support because of this ideology was the Catholic church which colluded with Franco to turn in "leftists" and "liberals" folks who weren't Spanish enough, or at least they didn't fit the appropriate mold for a good and faithful Spaniard.

It is only now that Spain is opening up (though not without rightist resistance) to examine the atrocities as perpetrated by the regime.

You have to look no farther than the comments made by Bachman to see what directions the GOP is moving. Moreover just listen to the speeches made by Sarah Palin -- or even better yet, just listen to what many popular American Pastors are saying in their Sunday morning sermons.

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