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Sunday, August 10, 2008

South Carolina's Got Talent

South Carolina has talent folks. And our talent is 'So Gay.' Columbia, SC's very own Dorae Saunders, a transexual/drag queen normally seen at PT's Cabaret in 5 points has appeared on America's got talent and has advanced to the Top 40 in Los Angeles.

This isn't Dorae's first excursion into the spotlight, she's traveled around the country competing in various gay pride pageants and other festival talent shows (and won), she's also starred in a documentary called Trantasia. Check out her performance on the show that allowed her to Advance....

... and is that Ms. Nicole Robert's signature move? (The snap spin move)

Oh and the outfit, that's a Dorae original, she makes all of her costumes. Her family has worked through the coming out process and are all very supportive of Dorae's vocation in the world of female-impersonation entertainment, including her Grandmother.

I wonder if SC's government will be so supportive if she were to continue on in the contest and finish high? -- I doubt it.

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