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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Columbia is 'Famously Hot'

That's the new catch phrase of an advertising campaign for the Metro area. Isn't that the same thing as saying Columbia is 'flaming'?

And if you didn't think it was code for flaming just check out the ad, it's "So Gay."

Go ahead, put our feet to the fire. We’re hot but never bothered.

Our city and the Columbia Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau are ready and eager for any challenge. We’ve got a well-placed Convention Center in this historic state capital that simmers with cool river-edged scenery, open-air restaurants, live music, sports and concerts.

Or if you’re looking for something different, we’ve got plenty of other venues — from the high-tech and mod, to perfect postcard locations of columned mansions and sprawling oak trees.

Hungry? Cuisine here ranges from grits to gourmet. (Actually, in the kitchens of some of our hottest chefs, grits are gourmet.)

Columbia’s heat is legendary. If your event has been singed by false promises and poor service, look no further. Our mix of Southern hospitality and fiery dedication will make your gathering sizzle.

Thankfully (?) though the yahoo's in Jesusland don't control what goes on in Columbia, and at a price tag of just $75k, this campaign by the MCSTA is dirt cheap, although in the long history of trying to define Columbia, this is a drop in the bucket of cost.

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