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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waldo is 'So Gay'

Hat tip to Waldo for posting two very important pieces that fly in the face of the anti-business, pro status quo elites who run this State.

One from the Boston Daily about the boon that the 'So Gay' Campaign is expected to bring their community, and the other a press release from the head of Amro excoriating Sen. Thomas and his compatriots in South Carolina leadership, that news of course hasn't phased the folks who stoked this fire, and are continuing their crusade against spending money to attract business to the state.

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1 comment:

Andrew Roberts said...

Andrew Roberts, chief executive of Amro Worldwide here.

I appreciate you covering this story.

Amro Worldwide thinks it is long past time when "so gay" should be considered acceptable as an insult, so we decided to reclaim it as meaning "so good."

We are a small boutique gay-owned business based just north of London. If any of your readers have travel plans, from hotels, tours and cruises or flights out of the United Kingdom right up to complicated worldwide travel itineraries -- we'd love to help.

You can browser ideas and buy online in USD, GBP or Euros at www.amroworldwide.com and pay using your local credit card. Alternatively, contact us directly via the link in the top right hand corner of our web pages.

Thanks very much for your support and we look forward to sending you off on your travels.

Andrew Roberts
CEO, Amro Worldwide