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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Orphanages are preferable to Gay Parents

Andrew Sullivan received a clarification from the McCain camp on the Senators position regarding Gay Adoption.

Sully then pointed out conservative blogger's Allahpundit unimpressed dismay over the social conservatives heart-ache for this apparent 'flip flop':

First [McCain] said he’s personally opposed to letting gays adopt, then he qualified it by adding that the states should decide and that if there aren’t enough straight parents to go around then, yeah, gay parents are better than none at all...

I can understand social cons wanting a national mandate against abortion since it’s a matter of life and death, but when I read something like “Why do so many politicians use the federalist approach to get out of a sticky situation?” in a context like this, I confess, I fear for the safety of the conservative alliance. Anyone here want to make the case that the states aren’t perfectly capable of handling this issue? You don’t have to argue on behalf of gay adoption to argue on behalf of federalism, although if there’s any compelling case for why orphanages are preferable to gay parents, I’m all
ears for that, too.

Well it appears that the social conservatives do have a response as to why they're so grieved and believe that orphanages are preferable to gay parents and you'll never guess what the parallel is...

However, saying a child is better off in a same-sex household than to continue waiting for placement in a traditional home is like saying an unborn child is better off if the mother aborts him than if she makes an adoption plan. It may seem an expedient solution in the short-term ... but the long-term consequences are grave indeed. Children who are adopted by same-sex couples lose on at least two counts: They can never be adopted by a traditional family (who can model the relational skills necessary for them to enter into healthy marriages themselves), and these kids (who already struggle to find their place in the world, especially among their peers) become unwitting pawns in the battle for "gay rights." This is not their job. It is OUR job to protect them and help them.

Yup, gay parentage is the same thing as abortion and that's why orphanages should be preferred to gay adoption.

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Katherine said...

Ever since I found out that Karl Rove was raised by a gay daddy, I've had second thoughts about gay parenting. :)

Mattheus Mei said...

HA! It does make one pause and wonder!