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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Jimmy Boy's at it again

I'm an idiot, but I'm an idiot working for you.
(pic from Greenville Online)
The lede from a Greenville online article:

America is on an "unsustainable course as a country" with less than a decade before too much debt, too little energy and failure to deal with changing demographics collide catastrophically, Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint said Thursday.

What does Jimmy boy mean by changing demographics, is he concerned about his status as a PWM? Or is it his disdain for our entitlement system, according to the article it's the latter, though I shouldn't be surprised if the former doesn't play a factor.

But what is Jimmy Boy's solution? Energy, rightly so is the crux of the equation. So what's his course of action?

Follow the Pickens plan or invest in alternative fuels?


Push for higher CAFE standards and encourage conservation and less consumption not because of the current effect on the pocketbook but for the generally altruistic and moral responsibility of it?

Hell No.

If you guessed push for more off shore drilling you'd be correct. And what's even more staggering is to what length's he'll oppose the other to options and what intellectual and rhetorical acrobatics he uses to justify his staunchly 'drill here, drill now' position.

Instead of supporting the group of Senators (that includes SC's own Lindsey Graham) plan that would allow a mixture of off shore drilling and investment in alternative fuels by repealing many of the oil companies tax credits along with supplying royalties to the governments of the states and people for allowing drilling on their land
DeMint said the plan "is set up for failure" because it would open the door to regulatory delays and protracted environmental lawsuits, and if up for a floor vote, he would vote against it.
Way to go Senator DeDumbass. He calls it standing up for his principals when the question is, what principals does he stand for? Fiscal Conservatism, but accentuated by what? Fundamentalist Bigotry? Paying oil companies and screwing over those 'SC families living from paycheck to paycheck'?

This guy is a walking automaton of hubris and ineptitude masquerading in a facade of solipsistic moralism, and as such he's the heir apparent to Jesse Helms and the new 'conservative movement,' which is pseudonymous for a more calculated hyper capitalistic, ultra "patriotic, " religious right, all with it's roots in the South Carolina Upstate.

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