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Monday, August 18, 2008

Cindy McCain is a selfish Bitch

She's prone to starting Cat fights, and she looks like the an older and more malicious version of Sil (from Species). She visited Saint Mother Theresa and was inspired to adopt a Bangladeshi child but thought absolutely nothing of the entire family her father sired prior to abandoning them to marry her mother and produce her.

She's overcome drug addictions but she's not overcome the lie she continues to present to the world that she's an only child, an heiress true and true, when the reality is she has an older half sister with nieces and nephews whom upon the death of her father she completely wrote out of her life, cut them off emotionally and financially. The Hensley secret, much like the Thurmond Secret, is something that's rarely if never talked about and as yet not acknowledged because the issue hasn't been pushed.

Like Thurmond's mulatto child the 'other' Hensley rarely saw her father but was financially supported, unlike Thurmond he did however show generosity as a form of affection to his grand children, and on the day of his funeral, as Cindy assumed the sole ownership of her set trust - she ended any and all financial support for her secret extended family.

Even to today - she doesn't acknowledge them, or even admit they exist

"The fact that we don't exist," he says. "The fact that we've never been recognized, and then Cindy has to put such a fine point on it by saying something that's not true. Recently, again and again. It's just very, very hurtful."

Kathleen Portalski says she'd like an acknowledgment and an apology.

NPR asked the McCain campaign — specifically, Cindy McCain — to comment or respond. Neither replied.

What a great woman folks.

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