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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama gets Heckled at Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

When I first saw the notice on drudge I figured it was a group of American Evangelicals, or perhaps PUMAs, two groups who may have been involved with holding McCain signs outside of Obama's Jerusalem hotel.

The AP, though, finally caught up with the details. Obama visited the Western Wall of the old Temple at Sunrise (Jerusalem time 7/24/08). Some orthodox fellows came to see him and meet him, and one lone voice cried out "Jerusalem is not for sale."

Obama joins a long list of public figures including First Lady Laura Bush and the late Pope John Paul II who have been heckled for making overtures to peace and reconciliation while praying at the sacred site.

The AP doesn't indicate, as Drudge does, that the protestations were very large or organized, but reports that the incident was isolated and seems to have involved only one person.

Photo from NRO

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