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Friday, June 06, 2008

Your Friday Diversion: "Joh the Baptist"

Saw this post over at Sully's about a site that sends e-mails to all of your friends who are left behind after the rapture.

Needless to say it started a great (caddy) e-mail thread with some friends of mine. Immediately we all thought of the Bible Belt of the South, our home, as being the most likely place to advertise such a peculiar business. I suppose that shared assumption is what made the following response possible:

Aren't they presumptuous---emails sent 6 days AFTER Rapture--!! ha ha, So does this plan include snakes?

Snake handling? Well, the opened the door to silliness. So of course we believe that the snake handlers would be very upset if their brood weren't able to join them!! Especially upset would be the congregation of the First Snake Handling Mount Olivet Church of God in Christ [inc.] and who could forget the other church St. John’s Mount Holy Olivet Second Independent Baptist United Methodist-Episcopal Snake Handling Church of God in Christ Holiness Church Apostolic of the Latter Day Saints in Spirit of Truth Catholic Ministries for the Hope of Harvest Inc over on 3rd and George, in Orange Georgia, with the Reverend Deacon Bishop Wallace K. Joyner, Presiding Pastor!!!!!!!! (pronounced Epee*scop*uhl) [sic]

So it's in apologies and in due reverence to our friends in Orange and elsewhere who by the Grace of the Lord handle snakes that I present your Friday diversion, Neko Case singing John the Baptist.

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Mattheus Mei said...

damnit!!! Didn't type the title correctly and now there's no way to fix it!!! GAH!!!