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Friday, May 02, 2008

Republican'ts against the WIMAX

The Republicans are stalling the progress of a key economic development in this state by creating a commission. According to The State - leading house republicans can't decide who should benefit from the WIMAX proposal which would create an internet cloud over South Carolina with speeds up to 6x faster than standard broadband. One of the main concerns is the government pushing competition out of business. My only question is what competition, in Columbia alone if you want to provide internet services at broad band speed to your home you have two choices, Time Warner Cable (aka Cluster F*ck) or ATT DSL which isn't as fast as a cable modem. These people are driving prices up for residents in town while customer service goes down. So why are Republicans pandering to these groups? And it's not just Columbia, you go to other areas of the state and you've got regional monopolies, we don't call them that - but that's what they are. Previous claims have been made that the technology isn't what it claims to be, but now that particular facade has faded away and we have the reality behind it, special interests. Way to be bought off oh fearless leaders of ours.

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