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Thursday, September 13, 2007

SC getting HOT?

No, it's not the weather we're talking about either. Upstate Senator Jim Ritchie, has an idea to make South Carolina the first "Hot Spot" state with-in the Union. The plan arises from the fact that as ETV, our Public Broadcast Channel goes digital in '09, a lot of bandwidth will be up for grabs, and without putting it to use immediately, the Federali's will seize control over it. According to Greenville Online

He did say that he envisions ETV leasing the spectrum to private companies,
which would then figure out on their own how to make wireless broadband
available to areas not served by it now and on what terms.
"If the business community does not buy into the model, it will not work,"
Ritchie said.

The details of course he couldn't outline, but deffered to the newly formed Wireless Technology and Communications Commission (WTCC).Can South Carolina do it? All across the country big cities who were trying to go wireless are finding it increasingly more difficult to do because of finances and public interest, with success really in small towns, but small towns don't really count right, because they're not spread out and the cost isn't as great?? Well if Ritchie's plans come to fruition (about '09, '10) it might not matter wether you're in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston or even Chavistown Community (good luck finding that on the maps) and you could potentially have wireless access.

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