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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gary Indiana, The Music Man and Chicago Style Politics

We've got trouble, right here in river city and it trouble starts with T which rhymes with C that stands for Chicago Style Politics.

Way back at the end of January Barack Obama made a statement which may be coming to fruition tonight.

"I think that Senator Clinton, obviously, is a formidable and tough candidate, and we have to make sure that we take it to them just like they take it to us...I come from Chicago politics. We're accustomed to rough and tumble."
Could that be a prophetic message to explain what's happening tonight in Lake County Indiana? The home of Gary Indiana and the Music man is the county closest to Chicago and most saturated by the Chicago media market, many believing that to favour Mr. Obama. But does it's proximity to Chicago help explain the reason why they've yet to announce the votes. Supposedly 11000+ absentee ballots are being counted and they may start releasing ballot results, but with so many counties finished reporting - tonight may inspire a new generation of Conspiracy Theories.

28% of the county's results are in and Obama leads with 75% of the votes tallyed so far, drawing Indiana ever closer. If things continue are people going to reflect on 1960 and the JFK/Nixon Race?

Maybe we don't have a Stalemate after all?

Update: From a Hoosier blogger:

With over 80% reporting, Hillary Clinton maintained a 52-48% lead over Barack Obama in Indiana. But results from Lake County won’t be announced until 11 p.m. There were 193,000 votes cast in the last general election in Lake County. In the 2004 primary there was 115,000 Democratic votes. Obama himself seemed to concede Indiana during his speech in Raleigh., N.C. when he congratulated Sen. Clinton for "what looks to be a victory in the great State of Indiana." Sen. Clinton was supposed toaddress an enthusiastic crowd at the Murat in Indianapolis, but that has been delayed.

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