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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama readying to put the 'smack down' on Clinton

From the AP:

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama talked of introducing some Chicago smack down to his politics of hope Wednesday, seeking a rebound after Hillary Rodham Clinton grasped victory in the New Hampshire primary.

Chicago has been known for some tough political machinery - just look at the city government and the muscle that is Mayor Daley, and lets not forget that Chicagoland political history has become something of a dark legend.

"I think that Senator Clinton, obviously, is a formidable and tough candidate, and we have to make sure that we take it to them just like they take it to us...I come from Chicago politics. We're accustomed to rough and tumble."

Those are some tough words, I wonder what the mild-mannered Senator from the land of Lincoln has in mind? I can guarantee though it won't be tit-for-tat negative campaigning that the Clintons have been using ever since her initial fall from grace such as former President Clinton's accusations. I don't see Mr. Obama compromising his message in that way.

Bill Clinton complained in New Hampshire that Obama was getting a free pass from the scrutiny turned on Hillary Clinton and likened the Illinois senator's campaign to a "fairy tale." Obama shot back Wednesday that "the real fairy tale is, I think, Bill Clinton suggesting somehow that we've been just taking a cakewalk here."

Way to stay above the fray sir and good luck!

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