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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stoner against 'Pot' flavoured Candy

Georgia has passed a law to fine candy retailers if they're caught selling Marijuana flavoured candy to persons under 18. From WSBTV in Georgia:

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signed a measure into law Wednesday that bans the sale of "marijuana flavored products" to minors -- anyone under 18 -- and calls for a fine of up to $500 for each offense.

The measure takes effect July 1st.

It targets businesses that sell the candies with drug-inspired names such as "Kronic Kandy" and "Pot Suckers."

The law says the candies promote drug use.

Senator Doug Stoner pushed the bill in the senate. "I don't think that folks are aware this is going on," Stoner told Channel 2 in April.

(emphasis added)

Does anyone else find it Ironic that this law is being pushed and championed by a guy with the last name of Stoner?

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