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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First it was Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson

First it was Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson coming together for Al Gore to produce this commercial to fight against climate change:

Now the White House says that the President is making just as much of a policy shift tomorrow in a speech garnered towards curbing US emissions of CO2. From Reuters:

Bush will "articulate a realistic intermediate goal for reducing greenhouse gasses" and press for incentives for technology aimed at cutting emissions, said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino."This speech is not going to lay out a specific proposal," she told reporters. "It is a speech that will talk about a strategy for a way forward and principles for dealing with the problems."
We'll have to see if the President is going to put more emphasis on Bio Fuels, which many are saying the demand for such fuels are feeding the spiraling food prices along with the price of Crude. At Leonardo's Notebook we've always been rather lukewarm to the notion of Bio-Fuels, at least those made from Corn because of its inefficiencies and the costs it creates throughout other markets (which is what we're seeing now). We're in favour of other technologies, such as Fuel Cell technology which South Carolina is trying to Champion.

But what all does this say. Is Mr. Bush just looking for points for a legacy that 98% of Historians believe will go down as the worst in American History? Or is the President not wanting to be out done by his Holiness the Roman Pontiff - Pope Benedict XVI who recently made the Vatican Carbon Free? The likely answer is probably the latter rather than the former, I think the President's advisers finally started paying attention to at least one of the many polls out there - or perhaps they saw the article that if Obama's elected he'll look into convicting members of the administration for ... war crimes.

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