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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why do Non-SC Republicans want Sanford as VP?

Saw this on Andrew Sullivan's blog - it was a link to another post that chastises John McCain for perhaps over looking the Palmetto State's Governor in the quest for his Veep:

"Bitter much?" - Andrew Sullivan

What a funny statement, the link lead to a post over at Spectator that had this to say

This report from the reliable David Freddoso is the second time I have seen this same information (I take it more seriously now that Freddoso is reporting it), and it chafes me no end. Basically, it says that McCain won't consider Mark Sanford for Veep because of hard feelings about Sanford not endorsing McCain in the primaries this time after having done so in 2000. If this is true, it shows incredibly pettiness,
arrogance, and stupidity on the part of the McCainiacs, very much in line with the overblown code of loyalty that led both Bushes to value loyalty and even sycophancy above merit
Followed up by a diatribe and extolling Sanford and chastising McCain. Personally I agree with Mr. Warthen at the State - Sanford would not make a good Veep, his dilettante style of Governance has done nothing but harm to SC.

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Anonymous said...

From the April 1, 2007 -- yes a year ago -- edition of SC Statehouse Report:

Sanford not a good VP choice. Go to: