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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Compassion Forum

Well, Americans were tired of having traditional styled debates betwixt the Democrats, so tonight CNN is airing a forum on Faith and Politics. This of course is a novel concept based on an observed shift away from what has been the norm for the past quarter century, which is the Republican Party's strangle hold on Religion and "Values Voters."

Senator Clinton just finished in her round of questions and now Obama has taken the stage to a round of raucous applause. Senator Clinton had a few sound byte worthy lines but overall managed to use circular language and purple prose to mask most direct answers in typical politispeak.

No one asked her about her relationship with The Family, but a question was asked about abortion and we were all reminded that just like Superman, Hillary Clinton is a Methodist. She was also asked about end of life issues, and then Climate Change and Human Rights Questions on China/Darfur. Sexuality was not discussed.

Abortion and Abstinence again are the going questions. He was asked if he believed the world was created in 6 days he gave a supurb answer, and even brought up that he sees no conflict between science and religion. This was followed up by a question from Richard Cizik about Science, Religion, and Global Warming. Of course the night couldn't move forward without a Reverend Wright question. Obama mentioned growing up with a spiritual mom, but not a faith-filled home, this was of course followed by a question on his exposure to Islam.

This forum so far seems to bit of a softball pitch to these candidates from a liberal leaning of the AEP, the Southern Baptist Convention President as a questioner being an anomaly.

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