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Monday, April 07, 2008

Superman is a United Methodist

"However, it seems that Superman is a Methodist - unsurprising given his work ethic and general strict personal regime... " - The Times UK

We all knew that Frank Castle, aka the Punisher was a Catholic.

We also knew that Kurt Wagner, the Bavarian circus sideshow turned X-Man was also of the Romish variety.

It was all part of the storyline as detailed in the respective series as published by Marvel Comics. But did you know that Superman is a United Methodist? Or what about Batman being a lapsed Episcopalian?

The Times UK has linked to an interesting subpage of a site called Adherents.com who's sole purpose is to keep running statistics on the world's religious affiliation.

The site classifies not just superhero's though, but also super villans as the Times report also points out. You can also visit ComicbookReligion.com to see a more graphic (interactive) site which is a sister site to the Adherents subpage (there's a lot of inter-linking)

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