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Saturday, April 05, 2008

SC's latest Cabinet Agency

Well, we know that the Governor would love to abolish what he calls the Shadow Government (the Budget and Control Board), but that's not going to happen - well at least not all at once. News is coming out of the Board that a House subcommittee has approved what is tantamount to the creation of a new Cabinet Post:

On Wednesday a House Judiciary subcommittee approved restructuring legislation that would move parts of the Budget and Control Board to a new Department of Administration in the Governor’s Cabinet.

The legislation would split General Services, creating a new unit to manage the State House Complex and move the remaining functions to a new DOA. The Office of Human Resources, CIO Division, Materials Management Office and the Energy Office would also move to the new DOA. All other offices would remain in the Board.
What I don't understand is the choice of offices and services that are being moved under the Governor's purview, well let me specify - the Energy Office. What does the governor care to have the Energy Office under his control - unless he's planning on reversing some of the small strides the state has made in regards to energy policy, including the PaCE program.

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