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Monday, April 14, 2008

Prominent South Carolina Billionaire passes from Cancer

From the International Herald: Jerry Zucker, a self-made billionaire who turned a small holding company into an empire that would eventually buy one of Canada's most-storied companies, has died. He was 58.

So who was the long time South Carolina resident who would take the helm of one of the world's oldest corporations - the Hudson Bay Company.

From Mr. Zucker's home town paper, our very Post & Courier:

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley called Zucker's death 'heart-breaking … for our community.'
'The loss of such a special citizen and generous leader in the prime of his life is just so tragic,' Riley said Saturday.
'He gave the gifts of his intellect which were extraordinary and he gave integrity and leadership to this community so freely,' he said.
Rotary Club of Charleston President Jermaine Husser called Zucker a 'leader's leader.'
'His wholehearted dedication to the Charleston community will be missed sorely,' Husser said.
Zucker, whose first job was a runner for a television station, was known as much for his keen scientific intellect as his business acumen. He had a triple major in mathematics, chemistry and physics from the University of Florida. He had more than 350 invention disclosures that led to numerous patents, most in the chemical, electronic and mechanical fields.
After earning a master's degree in electrical engineering, Zucker worked for Hudson Pulp and Paper in Palatka, Fla. He eventually moved to Connecticut-based Raybestos-Manhattan, an asbestos textiles and elastics company.
In 1982, Zucker, then a vice president with Raybestos-Manhattan, and a fellow executive bought the company's North Charleston plant and renamed the company RM Industrial Products. The company later was sold.
Zucker started The InterTech Group in 1983, according to state incorporation records. In a statement Saturday, Anita Zucker said she succeeded her husband as chairperson of the board and CEO effective immediately. Son Jonathan Zucker was named president.
Zucker was regarded as a devoted father and husband who served on numerous community boards. He was, at varying times, chairman of the College of Charleston's Jewish Studies Advisory Board, president of the Boy Scouts of America's Coastal Carolina Council, chairman of the South Carolina Aquarium, president of the Charleston Jewish Federation and volunteer of the year for Charleston Hotline crisis phone service.

It was in 2006 that Zucker went on to take over Canada's storied company,the Hudson Bay Company - one of the oldest corporations in the world.

Founded in 1670 the Hudson Bay Company was a royal monopoly for fur trading. This particular corporation at one point in time owned most of the land in modern day Canada.

The Hudson Bay Company has managed to out live the more glamorous East India Company and proves as relevant and profitable as Lloyd's of London. What an amazing feat for someone from South Carolina!

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