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Friday, April 11, 2008

Columbia City Paper Crashes: Story of woman throwing Chickens at Walmart to blame

It looks like the folks over at Columiba City Paper have been overwhelmed with web traffic, after the Drudge Report, the popular online news aggregate picked up their story about a woman who was arrested after throwing Chickens at two customers in Wal-Mart in Anderson. According to the Independent Mail - who ran a blurb on March 31 that wasn't picked up:

ANDERSON — A Clemson woman is facing charges of going “postal” at Wal-Mart in Anderson, causing $2,800 in damage when store managers terminated her from her job in the store's delicatessen.
Shanay Buie allegedly became upset about 3:30 p.m. Friday at 3812 Liberty Hwy.“She returned to the deli and threw 2 chickens at 2 customers,” according to the incident report. “At that time, she also threw on the ground 2 printers worth about $1,000 each. She also threw to the ground 2 sets of dishes worth about $400 a set.”
An arrest has not been made, according to records at the Anderson City Jail.
It's really interesting how the Palmetto State only makes the national headlines for mostly ridiculous reasons. Oh well, what can you do when everyone looks at your state as nothing more than a backwards oddity - a land which time forgot.

Maybe the traffic over at drudge will let up and the servers will come back on so we can read CCPs interpretation of events.

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